The Goodness of God


In this blog post, I want to share with you about the goodness of God. In fact, I want to give you 10 reasons why you need to know about the goodness of God. So here we go.

Jesus is to Me


Never has there been a more important time for all of us to know who Jesus is, but especially who He is to us personally. Be sure of this, who He is, is who He wants to be to you and I. God, in revealing who He is, also reveals what it is He wants to be and do for us. There may be no better way to know who He is and what it is He wants to do for us than by the Redemptive names which God gave to man of Himself. Those names not only reveal who He is, but what it is He will do for us and be to us and because they are redemptive and covenant names, means it is true forever of Him towards us. Please remember, they reveal who He is and what it is He wants to be to us.

The 7 Redemptive or Covenant Names God Revealed Himself by are:

Reaching Out

If we have the heart of God, we should care about people. In this blog I want to share some practical ways to improve reaching those that are outside of the faith. These are three simple, but powerful things that can help any believer be better at reaching people outside of the faith.

1. Be passionate: understand what God has done for you and be passionate about it.
  • If you aren’t excited about what Jesus has done for you, then you won’t make anyone else excited about Him either.
  • I like to say it like this, whatever is real to you will be real through you.
  • Ask yourself this question: who am I telling about what Jesus has done for me?

God’s Great Reset

Recently I began a series entitled “The Great Reset”. I intended to show from God’s Word what I call God’s Great Reset for all of humanity. I would also show another great reset that is being pushed today which is the plan of Satan for humanity. In this blog, I simply want to focus on God’s Great Reset, what it is and how it will direct and affect our lives. This is what God intends for each of our lives. I call it God’s Great Reset because through God’s Word, the direction of our lives are changed and we are strengthened and empowered to live our lives for God. 

Reasons to Believe

Is our faith important? Does what we believe really matter? According to Jesus’ words in Mark 16:15-16, it does. It makes an eternal difference for everyone. Possibly every person comes to a place in life where they place their faith in something or someone. For the Christian, it is the Lord Jesus Christ, but this is true even for the atheist. Dr. Michael Ruse is a philosopher of science, particularly of the evolutionary sciences. He is the author of several books on Darwinism and evolutionary ideas and in an article in the National Post, he wrote, “evolution is promoted by its practitioners as more than mere science. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion, a full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality… evolution is a religion.” The point I am making is, even the atheist believes in something.

The Feelings of Inferiority

Within the heart of every person there is a cry for identity and direction. Where we find our answers will determine if we really win over the feelings of inferiority. There comes a time in every life when good ideas, the philosophy of man, and even affirmation from others all fall short of the rescue we need from feelings of rejection, hurt, confusion, and inferiority. The frustration we sense because of feelings of inferiority can be won over and that is the reason for this blog.

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Identity Revealed

Identity Revealed

Everyone has a personal identity; however, we do not just have a natural identity, but a spiritual one as well. For the believer, it is the discovery of who they are in Christ. We are known about in both Heaven and Hell, for both wants us to be theirs. We get our natural identity by being born in this earth, but we get a new spiritual and heavenly identity by being born again into the family of God. That is why through the new birth not only are we saved but we also become children of God. You see we get into a brand-new family, the family of God. We also get a new identity; the Bible calls it being in Christ. As you read the New Testament letters written by Apostle Paul, you will find the phrases: “in Christ”, “in Him”, “in the Lord”, “in Whom”, or “with the Lord”, approximately 130 times. They are terms that reveal both relationship and identity. In other words, it is the new identity we receive because of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is the one we are now identified with because of our salvation.

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Questions People Have About God

In this blog I want to answer some very important questions people have about God. All of us have had questions about God. Questions like, is there really a God? If you believe the Bible, then where did God come from? Who made God? If there is a God, then why is there so much suffering in this world?

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Prayer is… Part 2

In this blog I will pick back up on the topic of, Prayer is. Last blog I taught on 6 things that prayer is. I’m teaching this to give you a better understanding and a great perspective on prayer and its importance in your life. My goal in this is to inspire prayer. I believe understanding what prayer is helps us to see why we should pray.

Prayer is… Part 1

In Part 1 of this blog I simply want to share a few important thoughts about prayer. In it, I will expose both the need and importance of prayer in our lives. As believers, we should know the value of prayer, in other words, why we should pray. So here are six things prayer is.