God’s Great Reset

Recently I began a series entitled “The Great Reset”. I intended to show from God’s Word what I call God’s Great Reset for all of humanity. I would also show another great reset that is being pushed today which is the plan of Satan for humanity. In this blog, I simply want to focus on God’s Great Reset, what it is and how it will direct and affect our lives. This is what God intends for each of our lives. I call it God’s Great Reset because through God’s Word, the direction of our lives are changed and we are strengthened and empowered to live our lives for God. 

2 Timothy 3:16 illustrates this beautifully…

“All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching the faith and correcting error, for resetting the direction of a man’s life and training him in good living.” (2 Timothy 3:16 Phillips Translation)

“Every scripture has been inspired by the Holy Spirit, the breath of God. It will empower you by its instruction and correction, giving you the strength to take the right direction and lead you deeper into the path of godliness.” (2 Timothy 3:16 TPT)

So God is saying His Word was given to reset our lives’ direction or empower us and strengthen us to take the right direction. The direction to Him! Then once you are directed to him, you will be directed on to His plan for your life. This is God’s Great Reset.

In God’s Great Reset, God gives us His Word to…

  1. Reset the direction of our life (2 Timothy 3:16 Phillips)
  2. Empower and strengthen us to take the right direction (2 Timothy 3:16 TPT)
  3. Deliver us from this present evil world, sin, and satan (Galatians 1:4)
  4. Make us His children- sons, and daughters of God (Galatians 3:26)
  5. Make us new creations or new creatures in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17)

This is God’s Great Reset, God’s plan for all of humanity and comes only through Jesus Christ. Click here for more information on this topic.