Three Things that Love Does


As we grow in our relationship with God, we find God want us to grow in our relationships with others as well. By studying the scriptures on how God loves us, it shows us a picture of how God expects us to love others. In this blog I want to share with you three things that love does.

Love Initiates

1 John 4:19; we love Him, because He first loved us. God didn’t wait for us to find Him, He came to us, He reached out to us. For us, this means God wants us to initiate or to reach out first to others as well. It doesn’t think, I won’t speak because they hadn’t or I won’t reach out because they haven’t. It says I will act, I will initiate because love initiates. It doesn’t wait to see what the other person does, it acts first.

Remember love initiates

Love Accepts

Ephesians 1:6; … we are accepted in the One He loves, Jesus Christ. God not only came to us but He reaches out to us even when we were unlovely. No, God doesn’t accept sin, but He accepts us and meets us where we are so we can be changed and become like He is. Now our acceptance of others should reflect His acceptance of us. This will break down walls of prejudice, racial, and cultural divisions and show God’s love to them.

Remember love accepts.

Love Lays Down its Life

John 15:13; Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.

What could you give up? Sometimes it is as simple as taking the extra time to witness and share the love of God with someone in your busy day. Maybe you helped a neighbor do something they couldn’t do alone in their time of need. No, you may not be ready to die for the world like Jesus did, but what could you do for someone else that is sacrificial?

Remember Love Lays Down its Life.

As you think about these three truths and begin to practice them, the world around you will see the love of God through your life. You can make this world a better place!
Pastor Chris