Three Tactics the Devil Uses Part 2

In this blog, I want to look at another tactic the devil uses to keep us from receiving healing. In part 1, we looked at how our thoughts play a tremendous role in receiving healing from God. Now in part 2, we will look at how the devil uses our feelings against us to keep us from healing.
 We all have feelings but if we only live by how we feel, we may never receive healing. Before we got saved we mainly lived by how we felt. We all have feelings but as believers we are not supposed to live by how we feel or let our feelings dictate what we believe or how we live. So how are we supposed to live? 2 Corinthians 5:7 tells us we are to walk by faith. This means we are to live by faith, not by what we see or feel. Walking by faith means
believing what God’s Word says, receiving what God’s Word says, or living what God’s Word says.  So if what I see or feel solely determines what I believe, then I’m not walking by faith. Allowing the Word of God to determine what I believe and how I will live, is walking by faith.
 Feelings are what your body and emotions are telling you. If you only live by what you feel, your feel will become your real. But if you live by the Word of God, that real (the Word of God) will change how you feel. Now I’m not saying we are to just ignore our body or symptoms in it but if we are going to receive healing, at some point we will have to believe God’s Word apart from what we are feeling. The devil knows if he can give us a thought that says, now you know you’re not healed because look at how you feel. He knows many believers will side in with what they feel because they may never have been taught how to walk by faith and not by feelings. Most people let their feelings dominate them instead of faith in God’s Word. Let’s learn and be determined to be the ones who live by what we believe instead of only by how we feel.
For a more detailed study of this, listen to Healing Center from October 18, 2017
-Pastor Chris