Three Tactics the Devil Uses Part 1

In this blog, I want to look at 3 tactics the devil uses to keep us from receiving healing. In part 1, I will address how our

thoughts play a tremendous role in whether we receive healing from God. We all have thoughts because we all have minds but knowing all our thoughts do not originate with us, is important for us to understand. The truth is our minds become the battleground satan attacks in hopes of we believe his lies. Our thought with liberate us or keep us in bondage, the devil knows that so he attacks our thought life.   Every believer needs to understand the first thing God wants us to do once we get saved is to do something with our thought life. Romans 12:2, tells us God wants us to renew our mind with His Word so that our lives can be totally changed. Thinking like God thinks about us or life is transforming. As believers, we need to understand thoughts are designed to produce beliefs and that’s exactly why satan tells our minds things so we believe the wrong things and ultimately get the wrong results in our lives. So here is how it works, thoughts produce beliefs which lead to actions that bring either good or bad results in our lives. When we have thoughts from any source that tells us, God won’t heal you or healing is not God’s will in your case, we must learn how to deal with those thoughts or we won’t be able to be healed. Why, because those thoughts have just blocked your faith in God unless of course, you deal with them correctly. This is why we are admonished as believer’s to take control of our thoughts and imaginations so they can prevent the devils lies from becoming a stronghold in our minds.

We are told in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, to pull or cast down, both, meaning to destroy, all imaginations or thoughts that are contrary to the Word of God. Verse 4 and 5 are saying that the truth of God’s Word is a spiritual force mighty enough to overcome the lies and deception satan tries to bring against our minds to hold us in bondage. We must learn to replace the lies of satan with the truth of God’s Word about our lives. When we make this a practice and believe God instead of the devil, we can receive from God. Because right thinking, thinking in line with God’s Word, produces right believing or faith in God and faith in God is how we receive everything, including healing from God. For a more detailed study on this, listen to Healing Center from September 20, 2017.

-Pastor Chris