5 Ways Your Local Church Will Help You Be A Disciple

In this blog, I want to share 5 ways a good church will help you be a disciple. Part of God’s plan for His church is to make disciples. That means those that will be God or Christ followers with their lives. So here we go…
1) Christian Fellowship
  • The right local church and right relationships will play a key in you becoming a disciple.
  • Getting the right associations, influences, and environment around you enables you to change and live for Jesus Christ.
2) Knowing God through His Word
  • God’s Word is God talking to us.
  • Reading and knowing God’s Word, the Bible, is essential in building a relationship with the Lord, and learning to live for Him.
3) A  Dynamic Daily Prayer Life
  • Christianity isn’t about dead religions rituals and dogmas, it’s about a personal relationship with God Himself. Many times nowhere is this more real than in prayer.
  • Prayer isn’t just saying words but it is learning to say the right words, God’s.
  • Learning to pray effectively is something that your local church can help with in your growing relationship with   God.
4) Hearing God, Discerning His Voice
  • God speaks to us today and it is the basis of our personal relationship with Him and His personal guidance in   our lives.
  • You cannot develop a relationship without communication that goes both ways.
  • This is what makes Christianity a relationship with God and not a dead religion.
5) Stewardship/Servanthood
  • Those that follow Christ,  learn that their lives are not their own.
  • They learn to steward their lives and gifting’s in ways that please God and help people.
  • When we are stewards, it means our treasures and hearts are with God.
For a more thorough study on this you can listen to them in their entirely under the messages titles, “Taking Your Next Steps in God, 5 Ways Your Local Church Will Help You Be A Disciple.
Pastor Chris