Helpful Hints for the Church

With the world at its worst, the church needs to be at its best. With all the reasons many un-churched find not to come to our churches, the church needs to make sure when they do show up, it is doing what draws people to Christ. We must remember God wants to help and change people’s lives no matter where they are in life, what they have done, or what was done to them. People will come from all walks of life; hurting, feeling dirty, sorrowful, empty, and confused. Others will come high minded, impressed with themselves, and not even feeling like they need God. The question is will we each be ready? We must realize in spite of all their hate and dark things, Jesus still love them.

Many who will come didn’t have anyone to help direct their lives in the right way or to take them to a life giving church. Something else did the directing for them, or maybe a better word is misdirected; misdirected about God and His church. The following are a few helpful things that the church can do to be prepared when those we have been praying for and inviting show up.

First, people need to know that God hasn’t passed them by! There are times in people’s lives that they are made to feel like God didn’t care about them, forgot about them, or didn’t come through for them. Whatever their case may be, God’s Word shared with compassion for them will help them see the truth.

Second, people are drawn to genuine love and care for one another, but they also are not used to that. Love never fails; it is all powerful; for God is love, 1 John 4:8. People think how it could be that people who didn’t even know me showed me this kind of love. Well there is a clear reason; we want them to have the same Jesus we have. We do care about their souls and eternal destinations.

Third, people also desire a welcoming inclusion, and acceptance. Most like to be noticed or at the least greeted with excitement. We should make them feel like they are part of us, not a stranger we may never see again.

Fourth, people experiencing God’s Presence in our services always gets their attention. The Holy Spirit is powerful, yet gentle and encouraging. He can do more in people’s hearts in five minutes than we could do in a lifetime. So never forget the necessity of the Holy Spirit and His anointing in our services.

Fifth, something else that turns heads is an excitement to be here on the face of the congregation whether sitting or serving, so smile! That excitement comes by time in the Word, prayer, and a burning desire to reach people for Jesus. This must never be lost in any church.

Sixth, we must know that people will have questions, so embrace that. Embracing questions of people is a form of embracing them. Give them time and be patient. They will find answers but we need to give them time to grow.

Seven, make sure our responses are warm, kind, an inviting. Simply put, be caring.

Eighth, believe people can change and when they do, encourage them about their spiritual decisions. Make them feel as if it was the best decision they ever made. This touches people’s hearts and moves them forward for desiring more of God in their lives.