The Three Ultimate Questions

There are what I will call in this blog, The Three Ultimate Questions. They are common to everyone and everything. Although we may ask them a little differently, we still seek to find their answers. So here we go, they are…

  • Who am I?
    • This question is about our identity
  • Where do I fit?
    • This question is about our belonging
  • What difference do I make?
    • This question is about our purpose
Regardless of age, these questions are common to everyone and to life. Many people go all their lives feeling the tension of resolving these three ultimate life questions. I believe the Gospel, the Good News of scripture, offers the most profound answers to these questions. The answers are also found in our relationship with God.
We are not the first or last to ask the question, who am I? In Psalms 8:4-5 David asked, “what is man and the son of man that you look upon in order to come to his aid?” The truth is God answers the identity question in His Word. In 2 Corinthians 5:17 God says, “if any man is in Christ, he becomes a new creation.” These words, “in Christ” describe both relationship and identity. It tells us who we are, what we have, and what we can do. This lets us know God designed for our identity to be revealed to us one way, through our relationship with Him. It is only through receiving Christ can we see our identity or who God made us to be.
Next, our search for identity is closely linked with one’s quest for belonging. Only God truly shows us how we belong. People wonder, “where do I fit in the community, and where are the quality and quantity of life-giving relationships I deserve at?” Well I know we all want to belong, right? So, upon receiving Christ God placed us in the Body of Christ, and we have a place we fit together with others, read 1 Corinthians 12:12-18. Then His design was that we each receive from and give to one another in life-giving relationships. These are found only in a strong local church.
Then from that place, we answer the question, what difference do I make? This question is about purpose and one’s commitment and the ability to engage in meaningful activity that will impact others. This question is best answered by God’s mission. Most people’s search for purpose is fueled by their deep desire to make a difference and the good news is God tells us how. Both Matthews and Marks gospel gives us the great commission to go into all the world and preach the good news so people can be saved. This is the job of every believer. Both our answer about purpose and our desire to make a difference is found in being involved in God’s mission to the world.
Remember the answers to these three ultimate questions are only found in our relationship with God. For a further study and more detailed answers to these questions, you can check out the message, “The Three Ultimate Questions” from November 11, 2018.