GROW Leadership Blog Pt 1

Welcome to GROW Leadership Blog. Each blog is designed to encourage you to become the person God called you to be and to find, as well as follow His plan for your life. As you grow in God you end up becoming and doing so much more than you ever imagined with your life. You see God has a plan for your life and His Word reveals that plan. As you find those truths and apply them to your life, you begin to be changed and begin to see God’s plan unfold right before your eyes.

For many, spiritual growth seems hard to measure in their life. One reason is we have our eyes on the wrong things. We compare and compete with others and complain about why we aren’t where we want to be. We are tricked by what isn’t right, what has gone wrong, and then think or feel if we really had it all together we wouldn’t be  going through some of  the things we are. The truth is we all go through things but that doesn’t mean we are not growing. To prove this point, I often ask the congregation of Cornerstone Fellowship Church of a show of hands of those who look back over their life this past year and would say they are closer to and stronger with God than a year ago and hands go up all over. Yet many of those same people have a hard time seeing their own spiritual growth until you put it this way. You may be one reading this feeling that it is hard for you to see your spiritual growth as well. Now you know you’re not alone.

I believe many believers want to grow spiritually and want their lives to make a difference but don’t really know how or what that will look like in their lives. Others reading this understand how to grow spiritually and are daily taking deliberate steps to continue to do so. No matter which person you may be, these blogs are designed to help you grow in your walk with God and your work for God. All the while helping you to become the leader God wants you to be. That’s right, I said leader and the first person you will have to lead in order to grow spiritually is yourself. These are some simple yet powerful things you can do to make sure this is happening in your life.

Here are 5 Spiritual Disciplines that help us grow

  • Daily read the Word of God.
  • Meditate daily on scriptures that reveal who you are in Christ, what you have and what you can do, all because you are in Christ.
  • Pray daily.
  • Share your faith daily.
  • Regularly attend a good local church in which you can be fed and grow in.